Best Bev employs FinnCo vaporizers at its beverage facility
Feb 8, 2024

Vaporizers’ Crucial Role in Food & Drink Industry

“Without CO2 we don’t have a food and beverage industry as we know it. It’s that simple. And without vaporizers, the CO2 the industry needs simply does not work.”  This bold statement comes from Jim Hanly, Director of Product Development at vaporizer manufacturer FinnCo, who knows a thing or two…
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Ambient vaporizers from FinnCo
Mar 19, 2024

Ambient Vaporizers Ready To Roll

The FinnCo stockyards are currently filling up with new ambient vaporizers rolling off the production line and ready to be shipped across the country. The dispatch yard seen here is at FinnCo in Louisville, KY. Our low-pressure, ambient, cryogenic vaporizer line is designed for a maximum pressure of 700 PSI.…
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Vaporizers available right across the US
Jan 18, 2024

Distribution Across US From CA to NH

FinnCo, the vaporizer arm of FIBA Technologies Inc., has further expanded its network of distribution hubs to now reach across the US, from California in the West to New Hampshire in the North East. FinnCo is now a fully national supplier of a growing range of vaporizers. Jim Hanly, Director of Product…
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Jan 2, 2024

Vaporizer Sales Hit the Heights in 2023

FinnCo, the vaporizer arm of FIBA Technologies Inc., saw a significant increase in demand for its full range of vaporizers in 2023.  By substantially increasing ambient vaporizer capacity and broadening its offer to now include electric, direct steam, and water-circulating vaporizers, FinnCo has secured contracts to supply into a wide…
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Oct 13, 2023


Universal Industrial Gases (UIG), the Pennsylvania-based supplier of industrial gases production
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direct steam vaporizer launched
Mar 21, 2023

Direct Steam Vaporizer Launched

FinnCo, the vaporizer arm of FIBA Technologies Inc., has further expanded its range of products with the launch of a direct steam vaporizer which uses steam as a heat source to vaporize and superheat cryogenic fluids. The FinnCo direct steam vaporizer combines a compact footprint with a highly cost efficient design.…
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Jan 3, 2023

AGP Invests in FinnCo Vaporizers

Massachusetts-based AGP, one of the leading helium distributors in the US, has invested in four ambient vaporizers and one electric vaporizer from FinnCo, which manufactures a full range of low-pressure, high pressure and pressure-building ambient vaporizers as well as electric vaporizers.
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Jan 2, 2023

Vaporizer Manufacturer Expands KY Site

FinnCo, the vaporizer arm of FIBA Technologies Inc., has completed a move into a fully-refurbished 10,000 sq ft facility in Louisville, Kentucky and is ramping up its manufacturing capabilities to produce a full range of ambient vaporizers to meet a rapidly-growing demand.
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Jan 1, 2023

FinnCo in Gasworld

Gasworld article discusses FinnCo vaporizers.
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